Copyrights & Trademarks

Smyggo is a brand name that operates under the umbrella of WYBE INTERNET SERVICES. WYBE is a registered company in Nigeria
Wybe is a local search engine, which means that different search tools of Wybe share the rights to use Wybe services on the internet. The results that are displayed by Wybe are results from a search command of a user.

Disclaimer - Copyrights of third parties on texts, images, video files, Books, Music files & other content
The results that are shown to users are the original content of third parties. It is possible that Wybe shows the direct links to files or web pages that contain material that is protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights. However this material can be found and accessed by using the Website, Wybe does not and cannot grant its users the permission to download, copy or use this material. The user alone is responsible and liable of the use, copy and / or download of this material. Wybe is never responsible or liable for sanctions based on law or regulations of law suits of any kind against the user as result of using search services provided by Wybe Internet Services.